Magic City Dressage Show

Magic City Dressage l&ll Prizelist 2018

Magic City Dressage I & II Presents

TWO 1 day RMDS/USDF/USEF Recognized Shows

Level 1 Competition

White Aspen Ranch - 481 S. 56th St. W, Billings, MT 59106

  • June 29th, 2019 Saturday USEF/USDF: 335543 RMDS: 1091
  • June 30th, 2019 Sunday USEF/USDF: 335544 RMDS: 1092
  • OPENING Date: May 14th CLOSING Date: June 11th
  • MANAGER: Emily Brester, (406)652-1530
  • SECRETARY: Mike Taylor, 1352 West Syphon Rd, Pocatello, ID 83204
  • (208) 241-6068
  • Judges: Saturday: Christel Carlson “S” WA Sunday: Nancy Benton, “S” WA
  • TD: Eva Marie Adolphi “r”

Tentative Schedule

Sat Sun Sat Sun

  • 101 201 Intro Level Test A         OAJP 115 215 Opportunity Second TOC OAJP
  • 102 202 Intro Level Test B         OAJP 116 216 Third Level Test 1 OAJP
  • 103 203 Intro Level Test C        OAJP    117 217 Third Level Test 2 OAJP
  • 104 204 Training Level Test 1   OAJP 118 218 Third Level Test 3 OAJP Q
  • 105 205 Training Level Test 2 OAJP    119 219 Fourth Level Test 1 OAJP
  • 106 206 **Training Level Test 3      OAJP  120 220 Fourth Level Test 2 OAJP
  • 107 207 Opportunity Training TOC OAJP Q 121 221 Fourth Level Test 3 OAJP Q
  • 108 208 First Level Test 1     OAJP 122 222 Training-Fourth Test 3      Q Only
  • 109 209 First Level Test 2          OAJP 123 223 Prix St. George OAJP Q
  • 110 210 **First Level Test 3 OAJP Q 124 224 Intermediate 1 OAJP Q
  • 111 211 Opportunity First TOC      OAJP 125 225 Intermediate 2 OAJP Q
  • 112 212 Second Level Test 1 OAJP  126 226 Grand Prix OAJP Q
  • 113 213 Second Level Test 2 OAJP   127 227 FEI Qualifying TOC Q Only
  • 114 214 Second Level Test 3 OAJP Q  128 228 Rider Test TOC OAJP

DIVISIONS: O: Open, A: Amateur (Must include copy of 2018 USEF amateur card),J: Junior/Young Rider, P: Pony

**These 2 classes are included in a circuit class with the “Dressage Under the Big Sky l & ll” (hosted by Bozeman Dressage Society in Livingston, MT) July 28th & 29th, 2018. There will be 2 separate awards of $150-one for each level. Rules are as follows: 1) There is no extra fee to participate in the Circuit classes, HOWEVER, you will need to compete in all 4 shows to have your scores qualify for the cash prize(s). 2) The rider/horse combination with the highest percent average for all 4 classes will win the cash award(s). 3) Circuit classes are open to all divisions so you must indicate on your entry if you are planning on competing for the cash prize by marking your entry with a ** after your class description on your entry form. You will mark your division to qualify for USDF/RMDS championships as normal (O,A,J,P). 4) You can ride in the circuit class provided it is in a consecutive level (Intro/Training, Training/1st, 1st/2nd). 5) Cash prizes to be awarded after closing of the classes at “Dressage Under the Big Sky II” in Livingston Sunday July 29th. For further questions of circuit class rules please contact show management.


  • $15 USDF Qualifying Fee     $5 USDF Affidavit Fee
  • $45 Each test (includes 1 Division)       $25 Late and/or change fee for post entries
  • $30 Office fee per entry/day                  $30 USEF Show Pass
  • $16 USEF Drug fee                   $30 USDF Non-Member fee
  • $25 Schooling fee if not competing  $15 Trailer in fee per day (if not stabling at facility)
  • $30 Returned Check plus associated bank fees
  • STABLING & FEES: $35 per day stall
  • $90 for a weekend stall (Friday – Sunday).
  • $35 for additional day (Thursday or Monday)

STABLING: Stalls are 12×12 w/ rubber mats, automatic waterers, and half wood/metal doors with drop down windows and drop down feed window. Shavings will not be provided. Due to limited on site stabling there will be no tack stalls available. First come first serve for onsite stabling. Overflow stabling may be available. Contact show management for more information. Area for bathing is located outside. Indoor wash racks reserved for White Aspen Ranch Boarders only. If you plan on coming sooner than Friday please contact show management for stabling availability. Pricing is $35 for each extra day prior to Friday.

ENTRIES: Make checks payable to White Aspen Ranch and mail to Mike Taylor Secretary. Accepted on first come, first served basis, based on (readable) postmark. Post entries (postmarked after closing date) will be accepted on a space available basis with late fee. Once the competition is filled a wait list will be established. Use 2018 RMDS entry form which can be found on the RMDS website at or to enter show. Proof of memberships and horse registrations must be included with entry or see to printout memberships on one page. Bridle numbers required at all times when horse is outside of stall. Entry form required if schooling only along with schooling Fee and Office Fee. Proof of negative Coggins within 12 months required for all entries, vaccinations proof for all out of state competitors.

VACCINATION NOTICE: Exhibitors are reminded of USEF’s vaccination policy, effective 12/1/15; see GR845 for details. You can download the form from the USEF website under the forms section: and bring the completed form, signed by your veterinarian, with you to the competition. If you select the alternative option under the rules, please bring required documentation. Competition Management reserves the right to review vaccination documentation. Non-compliant entries may be quarantined or denied permission to unload, and will not be allowed to compete nor to mingle with other horses. No refunds will be given if right to compete is denied because the vaccination documentation is missing or incomplete.

REFUNDS: Full refund minus office fee up to closing. After closing date, only the class fees will be refunded if the ride is filled. No refund due to acts of nature.

AWARDS: Both shows: Ribbons to be awarded through 6th place. High Point Award for all four divisions both days (Open, Adult Amateur, JR/Young Rider, Pony).

TIMES: Provisional times will be emailed (please provide a clearly readable email) and on Official times will be posted at the show office by Noon the day previous to each show.

ARENAS/FOOTING: Warm up arena is outdoors with a sand/wood fiber. Show arena is standard 20mx60m outdoors with sand/wood fiber. Indoor Arena is sand/wood fiber footing. *LUNGING IN DESIGNATED AREAS ONLY* Intro thru Training level classes may be held in the Indoor Arena small ring 20mx40m at show management’s discretion. Classes can/may be combined at show management’s discretion.

OTHER: Ferrier/Vet on call. EMT will be on site during the show. NO DOGS! Any dog found will be confiscated and the owner charged $50 as a donation to the Yellowstone County Humane Society. Concessions will be available. Management reserves the right to combine classes if necessary. All riders must wear an ASTM approved helmet and footwear while mounted.

DIRECTIONS: White Aspen Ranch: From I-90 take Zoo Drive Exit and turn North onto Zoo Dr. for Approx. 9 miles.

Enter the Shiloh Rd. roundabout and turn north onto Shiloh Rd for approx. 1.3 miles stay on Shiloh Rd through one roundabout and follow the next roundabout till you are headed west on King Ave. for approx. 2.1 miles. Turn north at 56th St. West for approx.3 miles and look for the White Aspen Ranch sign. The gate will open as you drive close to it.